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i'll wipe the hell out of you, mirror.

27 April 1989
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Dirtberry is,

extension of her personality on fanfiction.net.

anime, videogame, writing, fics, music

fan of shonen-friendship material more than romance yadda, victimises the naruto boys in the fandom for her friendship fics, where the rikkaidai boys pwn her heart, claims ExT as her number one het OTP, can cry over the blitzkrieg boys because she loves tala ivanov too much, wants a nii-san more than anything, grew up playing ffviii on psone which pwns socks forever, hearts pokemon because it's her real first love, loves sci-fi RPG games and watches too much anime, is a worm for good fanfiction, whose ambition is to join the ranks of square-enix one day however impossible that is, thinks many prospects in this world are elusive and henceforth perhaps explains why she feels powerless in this so-called alternate simulator of 3-D beings.. yeah, that's earth to you for her. (she picked this up from star ocean III, heh), wants to learn the languages Japanese and Russian in time, desires to drop out of school so she'll finally get a life when her life is insubstantial ironically at long last...

is strange. wait, you know that already don't you.

peace out! ^_^

and a fangirl by heart through and through, genuine stuff!

"One writes to make a home for oneself, on paper, in time and in others' minds." - Alfred Kazin